About us

With a mission to "indicate the right players for the right clubs", CSE Players seeks to bring a new concept of representation athletes in women's soccer. In our business model, we seek to reconcile the professional goals of athletes with the objectives and specific needs of clubs. To this end, we seek:

  • Identify in the market, especially the South American, where CSE Players is located, players who meet all the conditions for transfer abroad, emphasizing the technical condition but mainly working to develop a "career plan" for athletes;

  • Developing all the necessary materials for presentation of the athlete to clubs. We are specialized in audiovisual production for women's soccer, and thus we can provide videos with the characteristics of our athletes and videos of full games. We also have a Performance Analysis platform and a highly qualified technical staff, to thereby provide further elements to clubs to help them in decision making;

  • Find through our partners located in major markets, the opportunities in the clubs, which are compatible with the characteristics of athletes from our portfolio. At this stage, CSE Players seeks to know:

    • the tactical formations used by the interested club and coach,

    • history and club culture;

    • everything that is necessary to find the athlete that best fits the needs of the team.

CSE Players believe in long-term partnerships, either with the athletes represented by us, whether with clubs and partners. And this is only achieved with professionalism, transparency and honesty, values ​​that are part of the emergence and day-to-day of CSE Players.